Tanya Krzywinska – The Witch’s Room

The Witch’s Room is story, puzzle and exploration of associative meaning-making, operative in multiple modes and framed by the code of the Gothic. Designed as interactive fiction for the iPad, it employs the hermeneutic qualities inherent within narrative as a means of enticing and engaging the investigative gaze. Five objects of great supernatural potency have been removed by subterfuge from the home of their magician collector, Charles Paget Wade. Each object has a prodigious history, leaving traces of its presence strewn across archives, ancient grimoires and popular culture. To unravel the secrets of the objects, close reading of this evidence is required to discover the keystone passwords that unlock the door to the Room where they are reunited with their collector.

Rather than using prose or linear methods of storytelling, The Witch’s Room deploys environmental cues to weave its elusive narrative. Tmesis, literally ‘cutting’, provides structural and aesthetic fundament; imaginary events are interleaved with historical ones, the popular with the experimental, authorship with authorlessness, creating a defamiliarised world as multifaceted montage.The Witch’s Room binds together convention and invention to produce a Frankenstein narrative sutured from fragments as a means of rebalancing the mundane with the mystical and to restore Magic to its rightful place in British cultural history.

Tanya Krzywinska




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