Rebecca K Jones

My work is motivated by storytelling and characterisation. Part of this is expressing journey, experience and individual character traits. I enjoy exploring the contrast between the everyday with the imaginary and fictitious. In my narratives I incorporate elements of the everyday to express a familiar world within which the fantastical is possible. Sometimes, I find this spills into the humorous.

Throughout this book, I try to speak about how our minds work and what we perceive.  By trying to pin down how thought and imaginary experience occurs, I hope to create new realities on paper. With my drawings and narratives I want to suggest not just what is seen, but also imply the world of the unseen.

I am inspired by the scope for variation that has occurred in recent years for the graphic novel. In the age of Authorial Illustration, it is inspiring to know that our reading material is becoming ever more varied, and I want to make sure that my work is a part of this diversity.


Rebecca K Jones

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