Eddie Camm

The Tale of Thomas Dudley

The story is set in Treverro, a fictional fishing village in Cornwall during the late 18th Century. Edward Dalton is an artist/ writer who finds a letter addressed to Thomas Dudley, Customs Officer and previous occupant. Intrigued by the architecture, local legends and other hidden letters, Dalton soon discovers the village is holding a secret.

My practice explores the idea of immersive narrative environments by combining 2D visual language and text into handmade 3D models. I am working to the concept of deception, where narrative triggers embedded in the illustrations, text and model reveal the secrets of Thomas Dudley. The story is non linear and the audience can ‘walk’ freely around the environment. The model holds a level of interaction in which the audience can pull out walls, lift rooftops and open pieces of furniture to find narrative clues.

I have a passion for history and period architecture and although this story is fictional, through extensive research I have tried to make it as authentic to the period as possible. The piece is a concept idea for interactive narrative and I can see it working well within an exhibition space for local museums and heritage industries. I plan to further develop the narrative story after the MA course.

Eddie Camm


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